Docu-Flow is a custom, e-commerce site that allows our clients to direct order items they use on a regular basis, saving time and money. Items can hold in our warehouse—ready for immediate fulfillment, or items can be ordered for immediate production and delivery.


Docu-Flow saves you time


More efficient in placing orders

Work with your Sales Service Representative to design a custom web store for all the items you use regularly. This creates an efficient, “one stop shop” for all your business forms, labels, tags and more.

Let us create time saving reminders, (i.e. when ordering letterhead, suggesting matching stationery envelopes.) so you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Online ordering accessible 24/7

We love any opportunity to talk to our clients, but know your time is valuable. We offer Docu-Flow so you may place orders when it’s most convenient for you, and all other authorized users. This on-line “store” allows you 24/7  access to your inventory, from any browser.

Multiple options from a single order

Place one order for your whole organization, with fulfillment to multiple locations.

Permit multiple departments or locations to order and manage their own inventory, while still allowing for supervisory approval.

Docu-Flow saves you money


Tightens the ordering process

An incorrect order costs money. To insure accuracy, we provide images of each item, and request review and confirmation of your order before submitting. Once the order is submitted, we email a confirmation allowing the customer to review the order for correctness.

Better utilization of staff

Having your specific items on-line allows your staff to order what they need, when it is convenient for your business. We manage inventory stocks, warehousing, and distribution, returning your employees to caring for your customers.

Tracks Inventory

You do not want to tie up cash in excessive inventory, but your business cannot afford to lose sales for lack of goods. Real-time inventory amounts are shown with re-order points prearranged. This ensures that you always have the appropriate inventory available, when you need it.

Contact your sales representative for a quick demonstration of how Docu-Flow works.   You’re going to love it!