Have you heard the phrase “You can’t tell who the players are without a program?” We occasionally feel like this at Excel, because sometimes it is difficult to determine if we are selling a product or providing a service. In our industry, the terms are often interchangeable and on many occasions we are furnishing both needs to the customer.

  • Web Design – State of the Art cyberspace solutions
  • Statement/Invoice Processing – Automated applications for billing nightmares.
  • Creative Services/Commercial Printing – Designs, brochures, newsletters, catalogs.
  • Direct Mail/Multi-Media Campaigns – Mail list, commercials, fulfillment, advertising, signs.

Over the past several years we have chosen to increase our product and service lines to broaden our customer base and enhance the services offered to our existing clientele. We have done this by focusing on print and image solutions while expanding our product knowledge in related areas. Coalition partnerships have strengthened our position and answered the demands with many exciting new options to choose from. Take a look around on our website, we think you will like what you find. If you can’t find it, please ask. We may have overlooked this need. Our goal is to provide as many products and services through one source without compromising quality or value.

Creative Design Services & Logo Creation

Do you need to add that professional touch to your company image? Let our art department assist your staff in designing your project to meet the specific application.

  • Corporate Identity Packages
  • Brochures, Newsletters, Catalogues, and Annual Reports
  • Logo Design
  • Professional Copy Writing
  • Photography
  • Artistic Illustrations & Concepts
  • Banners, Promotions, and Signs