Where do you start when you want to introduce a new service? Announce an upgrade to an existing product? Distribute discount incentives to increase customer base? If you don’t have the experienced staff that is trained to plan the various steps of your marketing campaign, we can almost guarantee you will be disappointed with the results. It is a difficult task to evaluate the options that will insure you get full value for your advertising budget. One of our consultants can help guide you through this minefield of potential disaster by following some proven guidelines.

Excel can furnish the mailing list to give you the names and address of the best target market to publicize your products and/or services. Design the marketing campaign that provides results, not excuses. Our professional research staff can furnish the demographics to help you choose the best route to maximize your presentation’s exposure. We will provide the services to coordinate every aspect of your project, from conception to delivery, and then help you plan response analysis. If you are interested in expanding your client base, we can provide the best solution through print, outdoor billboards, radio, or television advertising.

Many companies do not have the staff or expertise to tackle this mammoth task. It can be a challenge even for our professionals to combine the talents of several sources to use the best tactics for a successful campaign, but we have the experience to assemble the team. Most small business owners cannot afford to retain the services of an advertising firm. What’s more they do not feel that they get the desired attention when you approach them with a small project? EXCEL is not burdened with this overhead, because we have the talent pool to provide the right solution for any task, big or small. We focus on “The Target… The Offer… The Response…. The Follow-up. You gain the benefits & dividends of “The Results!!”

We can help you find the right solution, develop the most effective package, and design it to fit within your budget.